Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Being happy with what we have! :)

I enjoyed eating with la familia filidor this week, they´re a cute couple in our ward with two young daughters. About two years ago, they started taking the self-reliance courses from the church (something that the church is stressing a lot right now in Mexico) to learn how to open a business, how to save money, etc.

Hermano Filidor quit his job working at Costco (12hrs a day) and they opened their empanada business from 7 am - 12. After that, they close, and they´re all 4 home together for the afternoon. They aren´t rolling in it, that´s for sure, but they have sufficient money to cover their needs. His wife shared with us that they turned off internet and cable when they really sat down and saw how expensive it was, and how much time it was taking away from their family. She also said that she was frustrated because they never developed the habit of family scripture study because her husband would get home at 8 pm everynight when the girls were going to bed. It was something that stressed her out alot, something that she knew they needed to do that they weren´t.

I enjoyed hearing their testimony of how simplifying their lives has helped their family. Each day, they eat lunch together as a family and read the sciptures for an hour together, sitting around the table. She said that her girls get so excited when it´s time to read! that they start and end with a prayer and pause at the important parts to explain them. I could feel the spirit in their home, and I testified to them that any one who enters there can and will feel it, because they are putting the principles of the gospel into practice, day after day after day..and their family is being blessed. Sometimes the most basic simple principles are the hardest ones for us to live! why is it that way?

Through small sacrifices and a lot of faith, their family now has MUCH more time together, and is living with less material things, but with many more blessings.
I was pondering all afternoon what they shared with us. Technology is great, it is such a wonderful tool in sharing the gospel, we just have to be careful and only use it for the right reasons. It´s easy to become addicted or too reliant on the cell phone or the ipad. It´s not necesarily bad to have one, as long as it fits into our budget, but I think that some of the most fulfilling moments we can have are when we set it aside for a little while and go do something as a family, or when we go and serve someone else. AND...because I´m a missionary, I´m used to leaving invitations! sooo..that´s the invitation this week..
Set the technology aside for a few hours, have a conversation face to face with someone, and find one way to show your love or serve someone in need!  Matthew 25:40 sayd "Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren , ye have done it unto me. " Really you´re serving the Lord! 
Find ways to simplify your life and go without things that may be distracting or keeping you from progressing spiritually and I promise the Lord will help you on the journey, 

I love and pray for each of you and hope all is well :)

Con amor,

Hermana Melody Maki

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