Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Time to catch up!

Wow! I apologize for not writing last week, things have been crazy! So much has happened, I will quickly try to summarize it all, and I promise to include pictures today :))

First off, Jessica, Monica, and Karla got baptized 2 weeks ago. After fasting with them for 24 hours in the hot Merida heat, they received promptings that this church is true and that they needed to be baptized, even though their dad is catholic and very heard-hearted. Their mom is a member, and they knew that they have her support, our support, and a wonderful ward behind them. I think that it was the most beautiful baptism I´ve ever attended, I could feel the Spirit so strong. All three of them bore their testimonies to finish the baptismal service, and I think that there wasn´t a dry eye in the whole room! They are amazing girls and I feel so priveleged for the opportunity that I was given to be a part of their baptism and learn from each one of them and their strong testionies!

2) Wendy, a recent convert in Madero, invited us to eat pizza with them on Thursday night to thank us for helping their family. It touched my heart when we realized that they didn´t even have enugh money to pay for the 2 pizzas (their family is very humble and they have 3 kids to feed). We were able to help them and on our way home were so grateful the love and kindness of the members here. Many of them don´t have much, but I have learned here that charity, the pure love of Christ, is not sharing what you have left over, it´s sharing all that you have. What I loved is that Wendy, even though were sitting at a big table outside the restaurant, brought her hymn book and asked if we could sing a song and then say a prayer to bless the food. The waiter came while we were saying the prayer and loved it. 
The only sad part of the story is that the pizza made us sick, my companion was up from 2-5 am throwing up, and I later woke up at 6:30 with incredible pain and had to pass my language study in my hammock because the same thing was about to happen to me. 

3) Last Tuesday, Marilin and Eduardo got married! Marilin is getting baptized on Wednesday. We were able to go to the courthouse for the wedding ( we´re practically friends with the receptionists there after how many weddings!)
It was a beautiful wedding and they´re happy as can be.. however, just like usual, there´s always a BUT...
If you haven´t noticed yet, the people here LOVE to feed the missionaries. They took us back to their house (even though we practically said no because we were going to go home and study) and quickly gave us some tacos. Tacos de chicharon (pig skin) and then made me try morsilla. Morsilla is...
They clean out the large intestine of the pig, and then fill it with pig blood and cook it.
I ate tacos filled with that...
and I DID NOT sleep that night. 
It was a bad choice..but they didn´t really give me a choice. I ate it and THEN they told me what it was. Memories, that´s all it is, right? wow. It was quite the week!

and then! 4) Cristian got baptized on Saturday night. She´s a cute little 9-year old who is so excited about the gospel. Her dad is less active and doesn´t want much to do with the church but her mom is coming back and is doing great. Her dad offered her tea to drink the other day and she told him, "No, dad. The missionaries taught me that we shouldn´t drink tea. I´m not going to drink it." and then when he said they were going to go to the waterpark together on Sunday she quietly replied. "I´m not. I need to go to church." and she showed up. Children amaze me...they really do! 

With an upset stomach for 3 straight days, a lot of heat, and then a lot of rain, it has been a great week with much success. 
The work continues to move forward.
Today was transfer day. looks like I will spend my last transfer in Madero
My companion is Hermana Sanchez. she´s from Chile and I love her! We´re excited to continue seeing the hand of the Lord and the miracles that happen as we serve Him.

I love you all and hope all is well at home :))

con amor,

Hermana Melody Maki 

1- Marilin after her wedding
2- Morsilla. It was actually realllllllly good.
3- Monica, Karla, and Jessica at their baptism


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